Let’s Get It On!

Today I just want to take a moment in time to take a deep breath, take my time and share one of the in my opinion best track ever made. This track is part of a legendary album, by the one and only Marvin Gaye.

Some background info. Did you know that the letter “E” on Marvins’ last name, was add by himself as a tribute to Sam Cooke? Hero!!

The foundation for the album “Let’s Get It On” was built in 1972. Marvin felt pressure, because he released the succesful album “What’s Going On” just a year before and he had to equal the succes. Outcome? A deep album with true, soulful tracks just to name a few: Distant Lover, Just To Keep You Satisfied and Please Stay.

Besides these tracks, this albums’ title track “Let’s Get It On” was released and got very succesful. Until this day, different generations of people still bump this. I can honestly say that I listen to this track almost daily! And if it’s not daily, it’s once in the two days. It still gives me goosebumps each time I listen to it. This is some deep soul yo and it’s impossible not to feel this track, no to love this track. So for y’all, because it’s Saturday, a rainy Saturday, please listen to this track and let it unwind your mind. And to make it more special, I took the demo version from the “Let’s Get It On Deluxe Album”.

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