Sampled: Ready For Reuse V

Yeah it’s time for another Sampled Ready For Reuse, we have a very interesting S.R.F.R. today. It’s a sample that already is cover from a track that has been sample by other tracks. Instead of doing it like I did with Curtis Mayfield / Gladys Knight & Pips sample. I’ll just grab the cover and do the Original version next week. Cause they’re both to dope to squeeze in to one post.

The only thing that is the same in all of the version is the beginning. So if you know one of the tracks you might have recognized it right away. Gil Scott-Heron has a powerful raw voice, so you can really feel the pain. Which for me gives the track something extra.

If you know who Jamie XX is you’ve probably recognized the sampled right away. For those who don’t know who Jamie XX is, Jamie XX is an English music producer and remix artist, who gained fame both as solo act and as a member of the London-based band The xx. In late 2010 / early 2011 Jamie xx remix the tracks “NY Is Killing Me” and “I’ll Take Care Of U” from Gil Scott-Heron’s last album I’m New Here, They set the way for a 13-track remix album entitled We’re New Here, which was critically acclaimed. Now you might recognize the next track that covered this remake / remix.

So Drake covered a remake / remix from a track that already was a cover. And this all happened in a one year span, the Gil Scott-Heron version was out in 2010, the remake / remix off Jamie XX in 2011 and Drake’s version was also dropped in 2011. All from a track that was originally from 1959.  Very amusing if I do say so myself.

And the cherry on top?

Florence and the Machine did a cover(which they killed) from a cover that covered a remake / remix from a track that already was a cover. First thing that pops my mind is. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I’d made this shit up.

Alright that’s it for today and I’ll see you next week with the original version.

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