Weektape : I Let My Tape Rock ‘Til My Tape Popped

It’s already been 15 years since Biggie passed away, he is / was arguably one of the illest to ever bless the Mic. So in honor of the Notorious I’ve selected few of my favorites Biggie track for this Weeks Weektape.



1. Party and Bullshit
2. Machine Gun Funk
3. Long Kiss Goodnight
4. Sky’s The Limit ft. 112
5. Can’t You See (TOTAL)
6. Brooklyn Finest w/ Jay-Z
7. Where Brooklyn at Freestyle
8. Gimme The Loot
9. Kick in The Door
10. The What
11. Ten Crack Commandments
12. Warning
13. Flava In Ya Ear Remix ft. Rampage, LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes (Craig Mack)
14. Who Shot Ya?
15. Things Done Changed
16. Suicidal Thoughts
17. Everyday Struggle
18. Get Money (Junior Maffia)
19. Big Poppa
20. Juicy

R.I.P. Biggie

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About Kidd STRΔNGE

Philanthropist, Street Poet, Musical Genius & lvl 58 Dark Elf Wizard.

3 responses to “Weektape : I Let My Tape Rock ‘Til My Tape Popped”

  1. Duzkie Duzk says :

    godver wat is dit grof, thanks big homie

  2. Audiobully says :

    Anytime bro, thnx.

  3. TijN says :

    Oef.. meteen bij het 1e nr. zit je er al helemaal in.. Hard.

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