Weektape : BLNR Saluts Little Brother

Man it was around ’03 / ’04,  I was still in high school when I discovered Little Brother. I guess I was a legitimate backpacker back then, if it was selling mad units, I didn’t listen to it. So I was kinda boycotting Jay, Kanye and most definitely boycotting Fiddy (who was at his Prime back then). I wasn’t really open-minded so also didn’t listen to anything if it was underground Hip Hop, back then I didn’t know any sites where you could find new artist / new music. So you might say my choice was really limited.

But outta fucking nowhere there was Little Brother picking up where De La Soul, Blackstar and ATCQ left a void. And they did a fine job, might I add. They quickly became one of my favourite rap groups and through them discovered few new artist like : Khrysis, Sean Boog, Median, Joe Scudda (basically the whole Justus league Fam).
I was sad to hear when 9th left the group in ’07 and became even sadder when they called it quiets in ’10. As a group and individually they made / make a whole lotta dope songs that I enjoyed back then and still enjoy till this day. So for this weeks Weektape, I’ve selected a few of my favorite Little brother (and Solo joints).

1. Nas – I Can (9th Wonder Remix)
2.Slum Village – Look of Love (9th Wonder Remix)
3. Murs – Dreamchasers (prod. by 9th Wonder)
4. Little Brother – Hidding Place ft. Elzhi
5. Little Brother – Lovin It ft. Joe Scudda
6. Little Brother – Speed
7. Little Brother – Whatever You Say
8. Little Brother -What You Do
9. Little Brother – I See Now ft. Kanye West & Consequence
10. Little Brother – Let it Go ft. Mos Def
11. Little Brother -Speed Racin’ft. Skyzoo & Chaundon
12. Little Brother -That Ain’t Love ft. Jozeemo
13. Little Brother – Away From Me
14. Little Brother – Too Late For Us
15. The Roots – Now or Never ft. Phonte & Dice Raw
16. Jazzonva – Look What You’re Doin’ to Me ft. Phonte
17. The Foreign Exchange – Happiness
18. Rapper Big Pooh – Strongest Man
19. Rapper Big Pooh – Scars ft. Joe Scudda & Median
20. Rapper Big Pooh – Rearview Mirror
21.Little Brother – The Beginning ft. Yahzarah


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2 responses to “Weektape : BLNR Saluts Little Brother”

  1. Niek says :

    Dope dope dope!

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