Weektape : Spring [The Feel Good Season]

Springtime! Ain’t no season better than Spring, yeah I said it. And you know why? The sun is starting to shine again after months of shite weather, people are going outside to chill, you trade your Winter Jacket for a Spring version or a vest, Birds are chirping and the flowers are blossoming. It’s a time of Hope. No more stupid Winter dip, you’re going to the gym and all that. And most importantly everybody is mellow as a Caribbean who just puffed a Spliff.

Anyhow Spring rules and I’ve selected a few feel good songs that will make you’re day even greater. By the way this Weektape is from the previous week, so this Friday you will have another Weektape, double the fun!

  1. George Benson – Soulful Strut
  2. Seu Jorge – Changes
  3. D’Angelo – “Greatdayindamornin’/ Booty”
  4. Jay & the Techniques – Apples, Peaches and Pumpkin Pie
  5. Dee Edwards – Why Can’t There Be Love
  6. The Temptations – Ain’t Proud Too Beg
  7. The RH Factory – One The One
  8. Alice Russel – Hurry On Now
  9. Reel People – Outta Love
  10. Jazzanova – I Can See ft. Ben Westbeech
  11.  Fat Freddy Drop – Flashback (Jazzanova’s Mashed Bag Mix)
  12. Masta Ace – Beautiful
  13. Saian Supa Crew Soul Mwa Pas
  14. Childish Gambino – Got This Money
  15. Erykah Badu – Soldier

Have a Great Day!

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