Black Dynamite : The Animated Series

For those who don’t know Black Dynamite is a hilarious Blaxsploitation homage / spoof. Starring Micheal Jai White, who also co-wrote the movie.

As a parody/homage of the blaxploitation movies of the 70’s, it was perfect. The music, the fashion, the hairstyles, the grainy picture; it felt authentic but most importantly it was funny.

Black Dynamite didn’t had a huge box office success, hell it was only shown in 70 theaters for 2 weeks. But still the film was well received. So well that it Spawned (you see what I did there) a Graphic Novel and now a Cartoon. The Cartoon is just as hilarious and weird as the movie. It features the voices of the film’s original cast members including Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Kym Whitley and Tommy Davidson.

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

Black Dynamite: The Animated Series is probably one of the dopest things I’ve seen in a while.  The animation is beautiful, Character design highly incredible and finally, the score is as good as in the Movie.

 The Pilot has been online for a while now but fucked it, it’s dope enough to still post it. Especially since they will air the show this Summer on Adult Swim, so you can get in the mood for it.

Fun Fact : The animation production is done by the same team behind The Boondocks.

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