The King is Dead. Long Live The King

After running this blog for over a year now, it’s time to say Arrivederci  to BLNR it was fun while it lasted. BLNR was a learning progress for me not only with writing but also managing the site. I’m beyond proud of what we have accomplished here but we’ve hit the end of the road.  There are certain thing we can’t achieved with BLNR, so for us to grow BLNR has to die.

You’ve probably notice the lack of updates the last couple of weeks, hell even months, well there is a reason for it. I’ve been working on a new site called UNTLD. A site that will launch sometime between this week and next week. You can expect a lot of the same content on UNTLD but with a little something extra, so I guess you can say it’s BLNR 2.0. I’ll keep BLNR online just as an archive but there won’t be any new post here. That being said thank you for following us and I hope to see you on!

About Kidd STRΔNGE

Philanthropist, Street Poet, Musical Genius & lvl 58 Dark Elf Wizard.

One response to “The King is Dead. Long Live The King”

  1. TijN says :

    aaaaiiiiteeee waiting for it!

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