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Large Professor “M.A.R.S” Feat. Cormega x Action Bronson x Roc Marciano x Saigon

With M.AR.S. Large Professor dropped a whopper of a track together with Cormega, Action Bronson Roc Marciano and Saigon.
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They Call Everything HipHop Nowadays?!

Chuco is as real as they get. Straight up Westcoast poppin’ action of in my book, one of the illest to ever do it.
Bboy and filmmaker Mooncricket decided to have a little chat with the brother.
Listen to what Chuco has to say and understand that we can make a change and take on the responsibility to school people, so we don’t get exploited.

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Something Out Of Nothing

A few months back I saw a little preview of a movie that Ice-T was making called “Something Out Of Nothing: The Art Of Rap”.
After looking it up again I found some more clips and got intrigued and really curious ’bout the finished product. Read More…


I’ve been digging allot into comics again lately and remembered I had some copies of the older Wu-tang comics laying around.
Now I hear you thinking:”Does Wu-tang have a own comic?”, well.. they had and it’s funny because they are not the only, or first group of artists to be featured in their own comic.
From what I know Eminem had a featuring in a comic with the Punisher(marvel comics, not big pun) and even Bob Marley had his own comic line done by Marvel comics.
I’ll leave in the middle if any of these comics where actually any good, but it’s cool either way.
Check out the cover work below!
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Brand New Action Bronson Mixtape

Blue Chips dropped March 12 and can be considered as one hell of a tape.
Totally produced by Queens native Party Supplies, Actions Bronson drops another gem to celebrate his solid fan base across the globe.
Action Bronson is easily the dopest mc I have heard in a long while. Read More…

Brother Ali Does It Again

Brother Ali keeps amazing me with his music and he has done it again.
From music with the most politically aware message to a sweet little love song his lines are well received.
Ali dropped a new EP February 13th called The Bite Marked Heartwhich is free to download HERE.
Enjoy Brother Ali’s new Shine On video!

I Am Bruce Lee

As far as I know this shit is not gonna hit my hometown and that sucks balls!
If this documentary will hit your city I advice you to go, or we will have a serious problem! Read More…

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