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Get Ready For The Next Episode!

Will it be launched in 2012? Let’s hope so! I know I am going to sleep in front of the store the day before the release date!
I can remember me playing the first GTA, that was released back in ’97. Got me hooked on my pc for months. Read More…

Game : Dead Island

Now my friends know I don’t do zombies, I never played Resident Evil nor did I saw the movies, I don’t read or watch walking dead, don’t play Black Ops zombie mode etc.  I think you got my point I’m truly terrified of zombies in a totally normal way. I mean it’s not like I have salt beside my bed or anything… Now a couple of months ago I say a trailer that just blew my freaking mind. It’s one of the most bad ass video game trailers I ever saw. Don’t know if you guys already saw it but here it is : Read More…

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