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The King is Dead. Long Live The King

After running this blog for over a year now, it’s time to say Arrivederci  to BLNR it was fun while it lasted. BLNR was a learning progress for me not only with writing but also managing the site. I’m beyond proud of what we have accomplished here but we’ve hit the end of the road.  There are certain thing we can’t achieved with BLNR, so for us to grow BLNR has to die.

You’ve probably notice the lack of updates the last couple of weeks, hell even months, well there is a reason for it. I’ve been working on a new site called UNTLD. A site that will launch sometime between this week and next week. You can expect a lot of the same content on UNTLD but with a little something extra, so I guess you can say it’s BLNR 2.0. I’ll keep BLNR online just as an archive but there won’t be any new post here. That being said thank you for following us and I hope to see you on!


I’ve been digging allot into comics again lately and remembered I had some copies of the older Wu-tang comics laying around.
Now I hear you thinking:”Does Wu-tang have a own comic?”, well.. they had and it’s funny because they are not the only, or first group of artists to be featured in their own comic.
From what I know Eminem had a featuring in a comic with the Punisher(marvel comics, not big pun) and even Bob Marley had his own comic line done by Marvel comics.
I’ll leave in the middle if any of these comics where actually any good, but it’s cool either way.
Check out the cover work below!
Read More…

9th Wonder ft. Phonte & Median – Band Practice Pt 2

9th releases the first single of his upcoming (and long over due)  album The Wonder Years. I’ve been waiting awhile now for The Wonder Years so I’m real excited for it and if the album sounds like Band Practice Pt. 2, then I’ve got nothing to worry about. The Wonder Years out due Sept 27th.


PNC – Slow Motion ft Jordache & Tom (from Homebrew) [Video]

I was browsing through Youtube searching for some new music and surprise, surprise I found some. Never heard from PNC which isn’t to crazy since he is from New Zealand. Who said that only Yanks can do Hip Hop? Slow Motion is off PNC third and latest album Man On Wire. The song is perfect for the kind of weather we having at the moment, so check this shit out!


Que pasa peeps?

Quick update, first off we changed the design yet again, I wasn’t to happy about the header. But I’m not thrilled about this theme either, so you can expect some changes (again). But most importantly you can now comment on our “articles”. So now you can tell us how much we suck balls! Isn’t it fun? I’m joking of course, we are happy to receive any kind of feedback and wish to interact with you guys. So if you have anything to say about the articles or how much we changed your lives and how you will name your future children after us, go ahead we don’t mind.

And on a different note we are currently busy with designing some new shit and working on our master plan, which is totally awesome by the way (not really). So keep your eyes peeled and ears open!

Lone Wolf And Cub

Today something completely different from music ladies and gents, COMICS!
Or actually in this case manga.
I wanted to talk to you about an old but really dope manga series called Lone Wolf And Cub.
The story is about a samurai who was betrayed and his infant son, who roam japan as muscle for hire.
They walk the earth with their own path of loyalty and honor. Read More…

Farewell Summer :(

I know we’ve been postin up Joell Ortiz allot these past few days but i can’t help it.
I have to put up this track called Farewell Summer.
I mean if you’re where i’m from the summer never began!
So this goes out to a dear dear friend of mine who’m i haven’t seen in a while, I hope he is doing good wherever he is, my fallen Soldier “Summer”, hope to see you next year homie!
Download the mixtape Farewell Summer here!

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