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Ben Westbeech – Something For The Weekend [Video]

I’m a huge fan of Ben Westbeech, his music is a perfect mix of Jazz, Soul, House and Hip Hop, that makes you feel good and dance. His debut album “Welcome To The Best Years Of Your Life” (2007) was a classic in my eyes and now after 5 years his finally back with a full length album for the masses. “There’s More To Life Than This” is out now. If you’re curious check out this video that is also an Album Sampler.

Something For The Weekend is the second single of “There’s More To Life Than This” and I’m really diggin it. Seriously if this doesn’t make you wanna bust a move (can’t believe I just said that) or get you in the mood for the weekend then your dead inside (I’m not being serious of course).

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

I know it’s Monday again but no worries, everything is gonna be alright, get your day started with some nice music from us to you.
Really noting much more to say, just check the music out and let the rhythm hit you!
peeeeaacceee oouuut!
-Soundwave Read More…

Aaarrrgghh Damn Thursdays!

A not so sunny morning today because it’s not Friday, that means you gotta work tomorrow or do shit, it’s not Monday, so you haven’t had a good weekends rest.
It’s that sticky icky jicky day in between.. Damn Thursdays!
At Beats Life And Rhymes we believe in making lives brighter, easier and just a little bit more pleasant, even on Thursdays, so here are some tracks for you to wake up by!
Just pump up the volume and rock away with some dope sounds for this Thursday morning y’all.

You think you have it rough?! Mah boy Biggie got paged at 5:46 In the morning, crack of dawning had him yawning.

For all those people who need good alarm clock music, bang along beats like a bom dropped to it, check Dilated Peoples out.

And sometimes we just want to wake up a whole country, Africa for instance with the brothers Nas and Damian Marley.

After hearing these incredibly nice sounds to wake up with, you can’t say we didn’t try to help you get up the right way this Thursday morning yo!
If your feeling down or what ever, suck it in! Tomorrow is friday and you can go all out and shit!
Enjoy your day people, I know I will!!

Good Morning Monday!

Good morning to all my early birds and good afternoon to all my late bloomers.
Today we will start the day with The Wisphers while The Beat Goes On.
Say what you want, but you can’t knock this, this shit is just funky as hell!
Just as your day, your life, your work even your nagging wife or complaining husband, The Beat Goes On!
Hope this will light up your day as it did mine!

If you haven’t had enough I will give you a few more Monday Morning Awakenings.
Enjoy with the next tracks as I know you have enjoyed The Wisphers.
Peace out!

This one just gave me an instant smile on my face. Straight joy, funkiness and a cup of goodness for your monday morning!

Back than everybody was classy , singing about your girl made you look like the coolest man on the planet, pffffff crazy slickness, crazy freshness and all that goodness in the next track.

Good morning and have a nice day!

Soul Sunday Lite III

Like I already said today, I’m still quiet busy with the move. So here we are again with a Soul Sunday Lite. As always we selected the finest soul tunes for your pleasure here at Beats, Life and Rhymes. So sit back relax and let the good times roll. Read More…

Owned By Music II

What up y’all, as you might or might not recall, the name of my first post on this blog was “Owned By Music.”
It was somewhat of a dedication to whatever  inspired me to do what I did growing up.
Nowadays allot of things I do are intwined  with music because I either choose it or it’s basically that way by accident.
It’s also really dope to see other artists, that use music as an inspiration for they’re art forms.
It’s even more dope when you can see it and translate it.
By translating it I mean actually seeing and understanding where the inspiration came from in order to relate to it. Of course you can’t fully understand what the artist his main inspiration was but when music or music elements are involved it’s dope to see how the story comes together.
The piece featured in this post is a piece I saw during the museum night in the city.
This is an evening where museums are open till late  and for a symbolic fee you could get in to all the museums in the city, it was my first time going to this event and I really enjoyed it.
I don’t know who made the piece but big ups to whoever made this piece and keep em coming!

While looking at this piece I saw something really nice.
Starting from the top left it says ” Got”, while moving on to the piece you’ll see the words “Seven Mac” in the gun and the number 11.
If you know Gangstarr (R.I.P. Guru) you will immediately recognize the line :” I got seven mac elevens”, after that you will see the numbers 8, 38 and a mac10 machine gun, probably referring to the next line:”About eight thirty eights mac ten’s”. And the similarity doesn’t stop there on the bottom of the piece you will see the line “Shit will end” referring to the line”Man, the shit never end”. And last but not least in the middle you’ll see a Wallace gun with a flag sticking out off it with the word BANG, referring to the line: “And i’m from Christopher, Bitch, Bang with the Wallace!”
The song I keep referring to is obviously Who got Gunz by Gangstarr featured on the album The Ownerz.
There will be probably more references  but I can’t spot em all, so for all you happy readers out there try to find all of them while listenin’ to this next joint : Who Got Gunz by Gangstarr ft M.O.P. & Fat Joe

Can’t Fake The Funk

Good afternoon world, I would like to share something with y’all today. A few weeks ago I had a discussion with Audiobully, saying that back in the day’s it didn’t matter if a musician was black, white, yellow, orange or green, nine out of ten tracks back in the days where mad funky. It could be Rock&Roll, Metal, Funk, Pop, what ever,the music was good.
I feel that nowadays the musicians that get the most shine on T.v.  or airplay on the radio are more concerned with how they look, then with how good the music sounds that they provide.
Thats just my 2 cent.
I don’t like using the term “real” here, but it feels like allot of musicians turn from being real artists and doing what they do for the love of it, into money hungry vultures who’ll do anything for a little shine time. It’s a shame, but on the other hand it’s a blessing in disguise, I mean real recognize real and it’s way easier to cut all off the bullshit out. To back it up i’ll post some music from various musicians from back in the days, going trough a variety  of music genres.

I’ll start it off with Black Sabbath, yeah Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne bat eating metal legends, man this song gave me chills in a good way.

Second up is my yellow fellow all the way from Japan, Kyu Sakamoto singing his song Sukiyaki.
Back in the days this was an international hit, I mean some of us will recognize it from Snoopdogg (yeah he sampled it) but i was playing this and my mom came in asking me how i knew this song, and telling me this song was a huge hit back in her days, crazy right?

Third one up is legendary Carlos Santana and his band, Santana.
Man they went completely off at Woodstock, no words for what i just heard and saw… TO MUCH SOUL

And last but definitely not least the incredible Mr. James Brown. I mean damn, check his swag listen to the music and all that good ish. Straight up fire!

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg.
After hearing this you can’t help wondering if i’m right, right?
Not to knock any of the musicians now because we have allot of incredible musicians now, I just think we had allot more back in the days.

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