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Beat Tape : The Audible Doctor – The Spread E.P. (+Vocal Version)

A year a go I didn’t know who The Audible Doctor was, until I heard one track he produced, just one. A track we just posted recently, a track that by far was the best song on the album off Joell Ortiz latest album Free Agent, I think you already know, it was Joell Ortiz’s Battle Cry.  So after hearing that master piece I decided to check out Audible Doctor hoping to hear more dope beats, I was browsing through Youtube and I stumbled on this Beat Tape. I really liked it so I wanted it on mp3. So I went to The Audible Doctor site, looking for a download link and lucky enough I did for two version even. One was the original Instrumental and the second a Vocal Version, the funny thing of the Vocal Version is that it was a competition.

The Audible Doctor Presents: The Spread EP (Vocal Version). For those that missed it, The Spread EP is an instrumental project consisting of 7 beats released as a free download with the idea that anyone could download the instrumentals, record to them as they like and then send their songs to THESPREADEP@GMAIL.COM for an opportunity to have their song released by The Audible Doctor as the Vocal Version of the EP. Well the winners of the have been picked and the Vocal Version is here (with 2 bonus remixes & all the instrumentals). Enjoy the project and if you missed your chance to submit a song for this EP no worries, The Spread EP Vol. 2 is coming later this year.

That’s the dopest thing ever right? Giving upcoming Artist the chance to shine, that’s mad dope.The Audible Doctor is alright in my book, not sure if that means anything for anyone though.

So click here to go to his site (which is real nice by the way) and go download this musical tenderness for your ears. There are also other project you can download, definitely worth the download.

Track of The Night : SBTRKT – Hold On Feat. Sampha

I already posted a SBTRKT recently, but I’m really feeling his music lately so fuck it. The London-based  masked producer / DJ recently dropped his debut album, that I’m feeling like crazy. SBTRKT’s music is a mixture of Two-Step, UK Funky, Dubstep, RnB and Chicago House  it’s a perfect blend, almost creating a genre on it’s on. Don’t let me even get started on Sampha, that dude is a helluva singer.

Anyways Midnight creepers enjoy the track and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Ski Beatz ft. L.E.P. Bogus Boys & Terri Walker [Video]

Off the upcoming Ski Beatz album 24 Hour Karate School II

Beat Tape : Willie Evans Jr – Billy Lotion

I have no idea who this cat is if I’m being honest with you guys, but he’s got the Internetz buzzin right now so I had to check this tape out and boy I’m a glad I did. It’s crazy he used Aloe Blacc “Good Things” album and choped the shit outta it and creating this bad ass beat tape.

“The good people over at High Water Music asked me to stop playing Tekken 6 long enough to explain/talk about Billy Lotion. Billy Lotion is essentially the product of Sucio Smash letting me hear Aloe Blacc’s most recent album and then saying “What if you made a beat cd out of this album?” After listening to (and being blown away by) the album I sat down, partook of the shrubbery and made beats. It’s pretty much that simple. This is basically a pet project that, through the magic of the ‘SucioPrism’ is now in your hard drive and hopefully on your phone/ipod/pad/blah. Please enjoy. And buy 1000 copies of my next album. I’m obligated to say that. But do it though.” – Willie Evans Jr. Read More…

Method Man & Redman – Dangerous Mcees (Cookin Soul Remix)

Another sweet ass remix by the spanish producers Cookin Soul.

Go to their website for more info.

Track of the Day : Oh No – Second Chance ft. Aloe Blacc

Goddamn this track is freaking bangin’ it’s from Oh No’s Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms album, the album was created  by  exclusively sampling the music of Galt MacDermot. This song is inhuman the violin sample makes the beat pretty dark but in a good way (huh?), as the story progresses it gets more frantic until it reaches the climax, its perfect man just perfect. And don’t let me even get started with the vocals of Aloe Blacc. Most of you already know him of the Good Things album, but you might not know that he also raps, the first time I heard him on a track he was rapping, so when I heard him singing this song couple years a go it blew my mind. You can hear the pain, fear and despair and later the relief in his voice, this is some next level shit. Really it’s truly unfair that person can have so much talent.

Alright without further ado :

Strong Arm Steady – LOVE (prod. by Nottz)

West-coasted based rap group Strong Arm Steady are dope. Last year In search of Stoney Jackson was one of the sickest rap albums of 2010. Stoney Jackson was entirely produced by Madlib and is considered a collaboration album, between Madlib and S.A.S. In  in February 22, 2011, they dropped Arms & Hammers on Blacksmith Records/Element 9. The production was handled by many names, like DJ Khalil, Nottz, Jelly Roll, Blaqthoven, Terrace Martin and Madlib.

Now they’re back with a new song produced by Nottz. Enjoy!


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