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Lee Fields & The Expressions- You’re The Kind Of Girl [Video]

Lee Fields and The Expressions are back with the latest visuals of You’re The Kind Of Girl from the Faithful Man album, which is out now!  As usual it’s a nice feel good song that goes perfect with Sun and a lazy Sunday

You can cope the single here.

Soul Sunday : David Ruffin

It’s Sunday so you know what’s up, another Soul Sunday with one of the powerful voices of Soul:  The great late David Ruffin.
David Ruffin was probably most famous for his work as one of the lead singers of the Temptations from 1964 to 1968. Ruffin initially sang backgrounds, while the role of lead singer mostly alternated between Eddie Kendrick and Paul Williams. Read More…

Let’s Get It On!

Today I just want to take a moment in time to take a deep breath, take my time and share one of the in my opinion best track ever made. This track is part of a legendary album, by the one and only Marvin Gaye.

Some background info. Did you know that the letter “E” on Marvins’ last name, was add by himself as a tribute to Sam Cooke? Hero!!

Read More…

Soul Sunday’s : Northern Soul Special

After the last week’s Super Soul Sunday it’s kinda hard for me to trump that, especially cause I’m a lazy bum who needs to stop playing Call of Duty and needs to start getting his ass in gear. So I didn’t want to go back to the regular S.S. just yet. So I came up with doing a Norther Soul special. Now even though I claim to be a Music Aficionado my music knowledge isn’t on the same level compared to some other cats, so I had to do a little form of research (thank G.O.D. for Google) before telling you anything about Northern Soul. Read More…

The Slakadeliqs – Love Controls The Sun ft. Justin Nozuka [Video]

The Slakadeliq is a project of the Canadian artist / producer Slakah The Beatchild who recently dropped a video for its upcoming album The Other Side of Tomorrow due January 12th. Which I’m looking out for. Straying off his usual Soul/Hip Hop repertoire Slakah’s showcases his musical diversity drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of artists including : The Beatles, Tingsek, Queen, UB40, Bob Marley, The Zombies, B-52’s, Earth Wind And Fire, Andre 3000 and Lenny Kravitz.  It’s bold move but I move I applaud, as you might already know I’m all about diversity and being open-minded. So yeah can’t wait, I’m hoping it will turn out great.

Both Video and Track are chill as hell, it makes me yearn for the Summer though.


Soul Sunday’s

Yeah buddy! Another Lazy Sunday at it’s finest, just doing absolutely nothing and I’m loving every minute of it. Let’s get this feeling going by listening to some smooth-ass Soul and have a good time. Yes tomorrow it’s Monday but that tomorrow right? Read More…

Soul Sunday’s : Late Night Edition

Technically it isn’t Sunday anymore but that’s just nitpicking if you ask me, so screw it a Late Night Edition it is. I’m a Nocturnal Creature, I write / work better at Night (which sadly isn’t that much better than during the Day). There is something about playing a certain type of Music at Night and being busy with a project. But I digress it’s about Soul Music baby, it’s late and I just wanna chill so let’s get it on. Read More…

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