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“A man wakes up in the morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, it’s a beautifully optimistic day. He takes a deep breath of fresh air, beats his chest and feels invincible.
The same man wakes up the next day, he cowers and shivers beneath the sheets, too afraid to leave the safety of his own bed. The sky is grey and there are dark thoughts floating above his head. He feels redundant, lost and vulnerable today, alone in the world. This is the life of an artist.”
(Tim Noble an Sue Webster)

We all have those moments when we hit a brick wall, or a moment when everything you worked for doesn’t mean anything anymore.
In the world I live in you can feel like a million bucks one day, and feel like a complete loser the other day.
The thing is what are you gonna do about it? If something didn’t work out, get at it till it will work out.
I believe in the saying hard work pays off, I know it sounds cliché but really that’s the thing.
When you have set goals for yourself it’s a matter of finding the right formula  that will work for you.
You can find motivation trough life happenings, wise words from your elders or friends, or through music.
Today is one of those day’s I had a moment of clarity, I spoke with some people, and thought about shit  I have to do in order to get where I’m going.
It got me thinking about my goals and what i have to do in order to get there.
End of the day it’s all about the sacrifices you are willing to make to achieve greatness I guess.
Think about it people, and while doing so listen to some “feel good, I got thiszzzz, I can do thiszzz” type  of music!
Lou Rawls – Dead End Street

Ernie Hines – Our Generation

Evidence – I Know

Saigon – It’s Cold


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