Moment Of Rawness

What up people in the place to be, today i’m not having a moment of clarity, i’m having a moment of rawness.
And I hear you thinking:”what the hell is moment of rawness?” Well let me explain.
When you have a moment of clarity you feel like your having a breakthrough, every single piece of the puzzle seems to fit and everything is making sense.
I experience a moment like that as an inspiration point you might say. This can be caused by allot of different things, from funk music or music in general to dope art a dope movie or whatever.
A moment of rawness for me is when I get inspired by things I consider to be raw.
By raw I mean things that are not mixed or diluted, people that do what they do because they love it and not  being concerned with what the media will think, or what the general population will think. Just putting your hart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into something. Art forms that are ruff around the edges.
That is what being raw means to me.

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Part two, ODB now that’s raw

Ken Swift one of the illest to ever do it!

House of Paint

Keep it real, Keep it funky, Keep it True!
SoundWave OOOUUUTT!!!!

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