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Black Dynamite : The Animated Series

For those who don’t know Black Dynamite is a hilarious Blaxsploitation homage / spoof. Starring Micheal Jai White, who also co-wrote the movie.

As a parody/homage of the blaxploitation movies of the 70’s, it was perfect. The music, the fashion, the hairstyles, the grainy picture; it felt authentic but most importantly it was funny.

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They Call Everything HipHop Nowadays?!

Chuco is as real as they get. Straight up Westcoast poppin’ action of in my book, one of the illest to ever do it.
Bboy and filmmaker Mooncricket decided to have a little chat with the brother.
Listen to what Chuco has to say and understand that we can make a change and take on the responsibility to school people, so we don’t get exploited.

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Something Out Of Nothing

A few months back I saw a little preview of a movie that Ice-T was making called “Something Out Of Nothing: The Art Of Rap”.
After looking it up again I found some more clips and got intrigued and really curious ’bout the finished product. Read More…

I Am Bruce Lee

As far as I know this shit is not gonna hit my hometown and that sucks balls!
If this documentary will hit your city I advice you to go, or we will have a serious problem! Read More…

Delirious: I Just Had To Share This One


I was watching this show again and I just had to share this! Still cracks me up everytime I see it.

Daniel “Cloud” Campos (SKMZ) – Like Mike

The moral of today’s story is : Don’t imitate, originate”
Check out Cloud has done it again with his new short movie he released a few days ago. Read More…

Planet Bboy Starring…Chris Brown, Josh Peck And Holloway?!

Well… to be honest, I’m glad they have the term Bboy in the title and didn’t call it “Planet Breakdancer”.
That being said, I honestly don’t know how this will work out and if this will work at all.
After digging up some information, its stated that the movie is inspired by a documentary  called  Planet Bboy, that was released a few years ago (Dope docu, def a must see!), which is a dope thing to me because people really sat down watched bboying on a level where it was displayed with skills and not performed by people 2 years deep in the game that don’t know jack shit.
So that’s the up side of the whole movie thing, a second is that bboying will get more recognition and will be displayed on the big screen.
That being said, that’s probably the only good that will come out off this movie.
I truly hope this movie will be great and that it will not be another “You got served” type of thing with corny phrases and a corny storyline.
I was told a lot of dope dancer from our scene where selected to join the team for this movie so my BIGGEST question is, why not let a REAL bboy shine, instead of a dude that likes to hit women and two guys I don’t even know. Read More…

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